What equipment do I need?

1. Riding boots or shoes with a defined heel. Chaps are OK, but please, no sneakers. 

2. A riding helmet. If you don't have a helmet you may borrow one of our loaner helmets. 

3. Eye protection. Our loaner helmets have face guards (similar to football helmets), but eye goggles--available at most sporting goods stores--are required if you use a helmet without a face guard.

4 Eventually, you will want to purchase a good pair of polo boots, knee pads, a polo helmet, and a few polo mallets.


Can I use my horse?

Perhaps, but you must use our polo school horses for your first few polo lessons. After a few lessons, if you have a "made" polo pony, we will consider allowing you to use your own horse. But under no circumstance would we allow a novice polo student to take lessons on a green horse.


What happens if I don't know how to ride a horse?

If you have never ride a horse in your entire life, we are here to help you start an exciting experience. We give lessons in different levels, starting from beginners to advanced. The youngest age to start can be from 7 years old.